futsal in brentwood essex

We practise to develop



We play to practise



We perfect to play better




Welcome to Pro Lovell's

Perfect Zone



If you or your child have been practising your ball mastery skills in our practise zone, now is the time to perfect those skills and challenge our Head Coach Matt

futsal in brentwood essex

Below are several ball mastery challenges, each lasting 10 seconds long


Video your efforts and share them with us by tagging our Facebook page @prolovell

Can you beat Matt?

Good Luck!

Remember, practise makes perfect, try, try and try again

If you have a challenge idea you'd like Matt to complete, contact us and we'll add it in below

Sole Tap Challenge

Inside/Outside Challenge

Inside V Challenge

Shuffle Challenge

Samba Sole Tap Challenge

Stepover Challenge

Outside V Challenge

L-Drag Back Challenge

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