futsal in brentwood essex

We practise to develop



We play to practise



We perfect to play better




Welcome to Pro Lovell's

Practise Zone

Here you will find lots of short videos showing ball mastery techniques to practise whilst at home to improve ball control, confidence and foot speed

Practise, repeat, repeat again, build muscle memory for successful development of skills for better game play in Football or Futsal

Enjoy and remember, it's ok to make mistakes, that's how we learn, just try it again - slow down maybe and build up the speed

Once you're confident, head over to our Perfect Zone and try the challenges

futsal in brentwood essex

Sole taps

Penguin Feet


Inside V's

Samba Sole Taps


Push & Pull

Outside V's


L-Drag Backs

Side Rolls

Sole V

Reverse Stepover


Joe Cole turn


Continuous Shuffles


Inside V/Reverse Stepover

Continuous L-Drag Backs

Shuffle/Inside V/L-Drag Back


Shuffle/Reverse Stepover/L-Drag Back/Sweep

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