November 2020 Update

Well it's safe to say this period of getting used to living with the threat of COVID-19 is extremely frustrating for all.

Our futsal centers haven't had a chance to get going for over 6 months now since the disease landed on UK shores and our venues closed up shop to external vendors. Whilst that has been frustrating it's also completely understandable given we operate in schools and the need for those premises to remain safe for children to go to school.

We have no idea at this moment in time as to when we will be able to return and provide futsal development to children. In the absence of a return date and as a show of commitment to our supporters we will start providing you, yes you the parent, with some video's of some 5 minute exercises your child can do to improve their game in their own time.

The video's will be posted to our Facebook page (here) and to our YouTube channel (here). They will be simple to follow and focused on Ball Mastery so the children won't need much space and only require a ball - in some instances they may need a cone/object. There will also be some video's where they'll need someone to 'serve' them the ball - but this will give you a chance to do something with them too.

Due to every child having an individual development journey we will also break the videos into ability levels, meaning you can track your child's development from novice through to advanced in ball mastery.

Something we have considered doing is a Saturday morning session on a 4G surface. Should we receive enough interest, we will do it - send an email to to register your interest.

We know this update isn't what people want to hear but let's hope that come the end of this current lockdown in England, grassroots football can comeback and in 2021 our futsal can finally re-start too. We will continue to update as and when.

Please remember to stay safe and remember - pandemics are temporary by nature and like all those before it, this too will pass.