What's the point of international friendlies!?! they serve no purpose

Is it me or does it seem somewhat bonkers to have international friendlies right now? I'd even go as far as saying international games in general are a stupid idea.

It's difficult enough as it is during this pandemic to keep the domestic competitions going, let alone adding the extra risk of COVID infections by asking players to play pointless games.

Top flight clubs, since the disruption of the 2019/20 season, have had heavily congested fixture schedules in the 2020/21 season. Before anyone reads this and thinks 'yeah well this is why they have large squads' or 'they get paid enough money' - I'd like to think you can agree having large squads doesn't necessarily mean high quality.

If we just ignore COVID is actually a threat right now to human life and focus on the football, international friendlies really are a waste of everyone's time. Sure the players get their international caps and a chance to play with and against some of the best players in the world, but, the risks to them from injury is just not worth it.

Some players are playing 3 games in a week, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday! I know they're athletes but to do that schedule every week for 9/10 months of the year and to stay fit doesn't take an athlete...it's takes a superhuman.

I've not yet mentioned the high performance expected every time they play.

Commentators often pick up on a player looking fatigued, the player will no doubt be subbed off after 60mins (got to make sure they get their 2 points minimum for Fantasy Premier League purposes) but they'll soon be expected to fully recover and perform again in 48hours.